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Car Sharing with Caroo

Caroo is a car-sharing platform that utilizes idle rental cars to provide users with transportation. Our mission is to maximize fleet utilization, reduce the idle stock of car suppliers and thereby offer affordable, safe and flexible transportation solutions to all.


For Users

From 0.20€/min

  • Free Register
  • Access to all Caroo cars
  • Fixed per minute rates
  • No extra charges

For Businesses

Price on request

  • Vehicles on demand
  • From & To Business Rides
  • Subscription Fees

Kilometers Driven.


Emissions Saved in Comparison to Average Greek Car.

Grams of CO2 saved.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Caroo?

Caroo is a car sharing service. We help people transport in new, clean & low emission vehicles, just locate the vehicle, unlock it, and use it for as long as you like!

What is Car Sharing?

Car sharing is a transportation alternative. In simple terms, car sharing means more than one person might use the same car. Caroo provides you with a vehicle when you need one. 

Where can i find a Caroo?

To find a Caroo you have to download the Caroo App. Through Caroo App you can locate cars near you, unlock and use them.

Are Caroo cars insured?

Of course they are, and no extra costs apply to you while renting a Caroo! You can find more about our insurance policy on our terms & conditions section inside Caroo App.

What does it cost to use Caroo?

You can download Caroo app for free! Unlocking a Caroo car costs just 1€ and depending on your choice you can pay as little as 0.20/min of use. Fuel is on us!

Do i have to put fuel in the car?

Of course not! Everything is set for you as our cars have always enough fuel for you to move around town.

Where can i use a Caroo?

You can go everywhere in Athens but you have to return your Caroo inside the permitted parking areas as designated through the Caroo App.

Where do i park my Caroo?

You can park your Caroo in any accesible legal parking spot in town. Don’t forget to take pictures of the car after you park it for the insurance to be valid!

Caroo Unlocking Car
Caroo App locking screen and photos.<br />

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Available on Android & IOS.